Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Island Games 2011

It has been eighteen years since the Isle of Wight last had the honour of hosting the Games.

This year they are back and we are enjoying the different events taking place all over the Island.Over 25 Islands worldwide take part in the games with 3000 competitors.
These games are the biggest to date; we at Ceramic Substrates and Components have done our bit with a map sponsor donation and officiating at competitions.

The Island Games will help various businesses, who will employ extra staff,
which in turn brings economic prosperity to the Island.

Follow the Games on this link:
NatWest Island Games XIV

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

JP Morgan Round the Island Race

The past fortnight has been busy on the Island; we have had another year of the Isle of Wight Festival with an influx of 50,000 people travelling to the Island over four days. We do enjoy the sights on the way to work in the morning, all the colourful characters that can be seen strolling into Newport. This is an economy boost for the Isle of Wight Tourist Industry; however there are of course also a lot of manufacturing companies on the Island including ourselves.
Last Monday, Vestas opened their new R&D plant in Stag Lane. In 2009 it closed its blade factory on the Island amid protests and 425 job losses. Let’s hope that this new plant will offer opportunities in the job market and maybe ensuing work for locally based companies.
There is another famous Island event happening this weekend, the JP Morgan Round the Island Race. This race regularly attracts over 1,700 boats and around 16,000 sailors, making it one of the largest yacht races in the world and the fourth largest participating sporting event currently in the UK. This year the 80th Anniversary, there is a record amount of entries, over 1,800 boats. They start from Cowes where a large crowd always gather in the early hours of the morning, for the race starts with many different classes from approximately 0530, depending on the tides. You can follow the race around the Island from different viewpoints and it is a sight to be seen. Have a look at this website for the best view points to follow the race.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sean O’Brien’s 25th anniversary

This past week has been special for we have celebrated our Production Manager Sean O’Brien’s 25th anniversary working for Ceramic Substrates.

Over the past 25 years Sean has had to adapt his skill set to an ever evolving production process in our manufacturing plant to help keep Ceramic Substrates a class leader in the field of industrial ceramic components and precision engineering.

Upon finishing his education Sean joined Ceramic Substrates as a Factory Operative under the watchful eye of Founder and Director George Blain.  Under his guidance Sean displayed a high level of skill and quick learning ability regarding the use of formulas for mixing ceramics and using various machines. Over the last 25 years Sean has developed into a dedicated employee with his own style of management. This unique style shows Sean’s willingness to go that extra mile when it comes to quality and delivery of our products. As you can see on the pictures below Sean’s dedication to Ceramic Substrates was rewarded with of course a special cake, drinks, card and also a metal detector to find that ancient Roman gold hoard that he has been after.

From all of us at Ceramic Substrates we would like to thank Sean for the past 25 years of dedication and being there for us.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Done and not dusted

We recently carried out an evaluation of our extraction system and undergone general improvements around the Factory to provide a healthier working environment for the Team.  We encompass a continued improvement program within the Factory to develop all aspects of the Company for Customers, Staff and Neighbours.